Encounters in Ashbrook

Having travelled for some time, I had decided to pay Ashbrook a little visit. I had heard that it was a thriving little town and that it had the finest traders in the land. I was not disappointed. I had bought myself a lovely corseted dress and was wearing it the day he arrived. To be honest, I wasn't expecting him to remember me as it had been several years since last we met, but he did and I was so pleased. Until the next morning! When I see him, I am going to...

Well, the next day, would you believe I bumped into Amelia? It is such a small world. She looked lovely, though I must confess a little stressed. I wonder if she caught up with him? She was rather anxious to find Malichi.

Ashbrook has truly grown on me and I think I may put some roots down here if I can find a good home. Will start my search later today. - Violet

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