A New Trail

Can you believe the audacity of the woman? Give him my love. I could smell his vile stench all over her!  I should have slit her throat when I had the chance. Still, I may yet be able to use her to my advantage, but first I will see where this new trail goes. - Amelia 

Happy New Year

Hey there, Malichi, Violet and Xavier would like to wish you a very happy new year. They would also like to wish you the best for 2013 and hope that you have the most wonderful memories to share. I, Amelia, on the other hand would like to wish you a painful transformation as I sink my teeth into you. Don't take it personally, but you do taste better than chicken. Anyway, from all of us, may 2013 bring you a great adventure and a few surprises along the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Encounters in Ashbrook

Having travelled for some time, I had decided to pay Ashbrook a little visit. I had heard that it was a thriving little town and that it had the finest traders in the land. I was not disappointed. I had bought myself a lovely corseted dress and was wearing it the day he arrived. To be honest, I wasn't expecting him to remember me as it had been several years since last we met, but he did and I was so pleased. Until the next morning! When I see him, I am going to...

Well, the next day, would you believe I bumped into Amelia? It is such a small world. She looked lovely, though I must confess a little stressed. I wonder if she caught up with him? She was rather anxious to find Malichi.

Ashbrook has truly grown on me and I think I may put some roots down here if I can find a good home. Will start my search later today. - Violet


I didn't expect open arms but to set them loose on me? That was cold. I was only doing what had to be done! Not that he appreciates it, mind you. I'll prove I'm right but first there is a small matter I must take care of. - Amelia

Got Caught

Got caught by Mal tonight. Should have been more careful, especially since he gave me another bashing on the head. Oww, it still hurts. Just as well I have a thick skull. On the upside, I think I convinced him to let me tag along. Well, he may not know it yet, but he will. Tonight, however, I am going to spend some well earned money on that beautiful maid that let me in to his room.  - Xavier

Almost Caught

I'd stopped at the edge of the woods knowing she had gone in there having watched her disappear between the trees as I chased her. You could smell the fear in the air from where she had been. I liked it. It encouraged me, fuelled me on. Unfortunately as I entered the woods the wind decided then wood be a good time to die. Great, just what I needed. I tried to find her but between the thick trees and the lack of scent it was no use. Next time, next time I will get her. I will bring her to her knees before slicing the flesh from her bones. My blades itch to drip the blood from her disgusting body. Sleep well Amelia for tonight may be your last. - Malichi.

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